ehdu (ehdu) wrote,

Рисунки карандашом.

20 звезд, нарисованные карандашом.

Audrey Hepburn by Michelle Seo (

Ewan McGregor by Elisabeth Frost (

Megan Fox by Jose Carlo G. Mendoza (

Gwen Stefani by Rebecca Blair (

Halle Berry by Linda Huber (

Hugh Laurie by James (

Jennifer Garner by Linda Huber (

Jessica Biehl by heidi (

Kate Beckinsale by Elisabeth Frost (

Keira Knightley by Michelle Seo (

Miley Cyrus by Linda Huber (

Milla Jovovich by Kari (

Marilyn Monroe by Linda Huber (

Paul Newman by Michelle Seo (

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart by No Name Face (

Angelina Jolie by Anna-Mariaa (

Lady Gaga by Rajacenna (

Dexter by Stan Bossard (

Bob Marley by Stan Bossard (

Charlize Theron by Anna-Mariaa ( )

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